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    Understanding the Fawn Response

    “Fawn types seek safety by merging with the wishes, needs and demands of others. They act as if they unconsciously believe that the price of admission to any relationship is the forfeiture of all their needs, rights, preferences and boundaries.”…

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    Little thorn,rest awhile in my skin.Rest that I might remember the rose.Rest that I might grieve the summer gone;the summers that never were,and that will never be.

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    Your loneliness is your inner child, calling for you. You were never meant to steep in it for long days and weeks. Never meant to become attached to it. It is not who you are- it is a message from…

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    5 Journal Prompts for Trauma Healing

    5 Journal Prompts for Trauma Healing  Journaling is really helpful for healing because it is a way to explore your thoughts and feelings. It can feel like a huge release to get them out onto paper- by writing them down we…

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