I write mostly about trauma, healing, mental health and wellness. I have a history of abuse reaching back into childhood that has resulted in a myriad of mental health problems, attachment issues, social and emotional difficulties.

I have a degree in and fascination for psychology. I love to write and paint. All of the artwork and writing on this site is my own.

I created this site to be a place to share my own insights into the healing process, to be a resource of information and inspiration to people who feel alone and lost as I have felt (and continue to feel at times). Reminding you that you are not alone, not ever- reminds me of the same.

I hope some of the writing and art work on the site resonates with you, helps to ease your pain, makes you feel understood and encourages you to pick up a pen, paint brush, guitar- whatever’s your thing.

I write for the ones who never quite fit. Who cut off parts of themselves trying to be like the rest. The ones who are always too much, but never quite enough.

I write for the ones who tie themselves in knots and turn themselves down. Who have lived a thousand lives all in their head. Who imagine the worst not because it might happen, but because it already did. Who see themselves through a lens of shame. Who choke in a thick fog of emotions and bleed from deep, invisible wounds.

I write for the ones who feel more alone in a crowd. Who taste the sweetness of sorrow and the bitterness of joy, and long for a home far, far away from here.

This is a place for me to share my insights and reflections on the healing process, which is really a journey to the still place at the centre of the self. That still place in between worlds,
where bliss lives in us all.

I have survived, and I am sure if you have found your way to this place, so have you. This path we walk- we walk together. Though it is never easy, there are many beautiful moments. Your heart must break before it opens. Your shell must crack before you may emerge, and it is a violent process- but there is such ecstasy to be found in the violence. The gems you will collect from amongst the rubble of who you were will astonish you- just as you astonish me. You are so brave to be breathing. So strong to withstand the pain. This world makes warriors of us all. Carves us in granite, douses us in flames until there is nothing left but what is real.

You are worthy of your own love.
You are both blessed, and a blessing.
You are never alone.

I am here to reflect back to you your own light; and it is my privilege, and it is my honour.

Keep reaching for that light, no matter what.

I hope you find some comfort in my words and my journey.
Please like, comment and share if you enjoy my work.
You can also email me here any time, if you need someone to talk to.
I am here. I understand.

Thank you for Being here, now.

I appreciate you.
I see your divinity even when you can’t. Especially when you can’t.


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