The sun rose to meet you this morning and the trees scattered their leaves about your feet amongst the sparkling dew, and you sat in your sadness and you wept. And though you could not see me, I was there. I adore you in your sadness, love. I adore your bravery; how you let yourself drown in despair, how the light reflects off your tears and shines out of you even when you are blinded to your own beauty. I adore your heart and how it opens wider each time it breaks, and how flashes of appreciation punctuate your melancholy when you notice the transience of a cloud, the grace of a dragonfly or the sunset hues of dying leaves. I want to paint you in those colours, for a part of you is dying, and it is the part you hide behind, and it will not be missed.

Though I cannot reach out to wipe away your tears, I can give you these words that you may come to know I am with you, always. I adore you in all the ways I’ve come to adore myself- in all your flaws, in all your rawness. It cannot be otherwise. I adore you in this moment, and there is no other. In this moment, we Are, everything and nothing. In this moment we cannot be separated.

You are divine. A reflection of the All- and the All, itself. These words are my offering for I have sacrificed much so that I could bring them to you, now. I have been beautifully broken, lived many years in the darkness, drowned many times over. I have forsaken myself again and again. I have tripped over myself in the gloom, fell down into the deepest crevices. I have sat and wept in my own sadness a thousand years- blind to the one who sat with me, who adored me regardless.

You and I, we are the same- and we did not come here to dwell in those crevices. We came here to find the light within and with it make our journey from the dark places into adoration. Into gratitude.  We came here to face our divinity and to see it made flesh. We came to play with creation, mould the universe as we see fit, splashing colours around like carefree children.

And so as you sit so bravely in your sadness, think of me and how I adore you, and how I am with you in this moment. Think of how the sun rises to meet you and the trees scatter leaves about your feet and how the flashes of beauty and wonder that punctuate your melancholy are your own creation, and how this moment is all you need to fall into your own adoration.

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