almost unbearable frequency

There it is, that almost-unbearable frequency. That lightness, that purity. It is there. It is in the release. You become light only when you let go.

It is there in the realisation on a Tuesday morning that it really wasn’t your fault. When you’re wrapped in a blanket nurturing a tepid tea, and you found the strength to wash your hair but you lost the motivation to dry it. And it hits you then, over and over again. It really, actually wasn’t your fault. Nobody is coming for you. No-one will find you out. It feels like floating.

There it is, that almost-unbearable frequency, and you will ask yourself if it can really be this beautiful- if that is really possible. You will ask yourself over and over, because you will not be able to believe that particular lightness of being is even allowed- and if it is allowed, surely it’s not allowed for you.

But it is. It is allowed, for you. And the answer you will receive from deep within your soul every time you ask- is yes. Yes, it can be that beautiful. It is allowed to be. You are allowed to be.


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