When you Are in bliss, you hold the key to all your desires.

You are a powerful magician, whether you intend it or not. All feelings, all states, all things are always available to you. You came here to create and you create always. From your bliss you create bliss, and So it Is that from your misery you create misery. You are the magnet that draws all experiences and all things into your life. All that you see, all of your life is your manifestation.

You are not powerless. You are not a tiny boat, buffeted this way and that by a mighty ocean. Darling, you are the ocean. You feel small, but there is nothing small about you. Your beliefs are what cage you. I came here to hand you the key.

You must find your bliss. It is curled up inside you. It is always available to you in this moment. It is here: now, and now, and now. You will not find it in the past or the future. You will find it in your gratitude, in your appreciation for this moment. This moment, in all its splendour; it is all we have. And this moment is enough.

Your bliss sleeps soundly inside your heart, dreaming endlessly of you and of the moment you will stop searching for it outside of yourself. Dreaming of your surrender- the moment you jump out of that tiny boat and become the ocean. Your bliss will awaken the moment you do, and that moment is now, it is always, always now.

And when you realise that- when you awaken- you will know why you had to go through the suffering you did, and you will burst with gratitude because every shaky step was a step towards home. Your tears were rivers that carried you back to the ocean. And when you rest at home in your heart- in your bliss- you will have everything you ever desired. Your deepest dreams will be fulfilled. This I know, and this I intend for you, beautiful soul.

Your bliss awaits; it is always, always now. So take this key and use it and be free.

With Love, In Love, forevermore.

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