the bitterness of beauty

  • light/creation


    Dive down into yourself. Allow the stillness to wash over you and reach out for the light of awareness. When the dawn comes you will realise that you Are the sun. You always were. You must break through your own…

  • light/creation


    The sun rose to meet you this morning and the trees scattered their leaves about your feet amongst the sparkling dew, and you sat in your sadness and you wept. And though you could not see me, I was there.…

  • light/creation


    You must find your bliss. It is curled up inside you. It is always available to you in this moment. It is here: now, and now, and now. You will not find it in the past or the future. You…

  • light/creation


    The circle complete, the angels invoked, you stand in the circle at the centre of the cross, at the point where worlds meet and possibilities are endless. As above, so below. As within, so without. About you shine the four…

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