• shadow/destruction


    You know where you have to get off because you have been there before, but not at night, and that cold realisation brings up a wave of panic like a sick sort of electricity. Because as you train your focus…

  • light/creation,  shadow/destruction

    safety announcement

    You keep sinking deeper and deeper into yourself. Finding new levels and fresh wounds. You wonder if this is it, forever. Can the bliss keep on expanding? Will it always hurt? And you feel scared because you are scared to…

  • light/creation


    When you realise that it just doesn't matter, you're standing in a really powerful place.

  • light/creation

    anticipating the ocean

    You heal in waves. It comes over you, takes you. Washes you clean in ecstasy and pain, makes you new. The chains around you loosen. You fall back, you stretch out and you're a swan, and you are a river…

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