I write for the ones who don’t quite fit in this world. Who cut off parts of themselves trying to be like the rest. The ones who are always too much, but never quite enough.

I write for the ones who tie themselves in knots and turn themselves down. Who have lived a thousand lives all in their head. Who imagine the worst not because it might happen, but because it already did. Who see themselves through a lens of shame. Who choke on the thick fog of their emotions and bleed from deep invisible wounds.

I write for the ones who feel more alone in a crowd. Who taste the sweetness of sorrow and the bitterness of joy, and long for a home far, far away from here.

You matter, beautiful soul. You don’t need to make yourself small. That shame is not yours and you don’t have to carry it. You can be free. You can let go. And when you do you will remember your significance and your magnificence. You did not come here to fit in, you came to create and elevate. There is no fitting into a world like this. You must create a world that fits you.

You with those eyes that can see so deep into souls. You who can explode with light from those wounded places. You who can touch a truth that lies beyond words. With your presence, you sanctify. Who you Are is enough, it is more than enough. Who you Are is perfection. Immortalised divinity. You are shining steel forged in the fire of your suffering, and you have suffered, and you remain.

It is enough that you found your way to this moment, and the more you stay here, the more you will understand. It is in this moment your wounds are made light, in this moment you are healed. In this moment you shed your skin and start anew; a Being of infinite potential. The depth of your pain is the height of your joy and So it Is that you are blessed even by your sorrow. It is in this moment you remember. You Are; both blessed and a blessing. You need nothing.

You are not broken, love- only your chrysalis. You were always whole, waiting inside for this moment, Now. It is always Now. Be grateful for those rivers of tears that carried you here. Be grateful to find yourself Now, in the ocean of your love. Be still, in this moment; breathe your way back to life.

It is a miracle you survived. Be grateful for the miracle you Are. It is enough.

I write for the ones who will remember, and it is truly my honour to show you your own reflection.

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