Come, sit with me at the edge of creation.

All possibilities are here. All timelines intersect. Here is the still point, at the centre. Here is the Source. Here, you will take back your power. Sit with me here and all will become clear to you. The great cosmic joke will reveal itself to us, and we will laugh until we cry.

It is here, love. It is now. You belong in this place, where the magickal meets the mundane. You belong at the still point in the centre, between all worlds. Breathe deeply into this place and you will remember why you came here. In this place your breath is life. In this place, the universe wraps itself around your little finger. In this place, you stand in your knowing as a creator of worlds, as a destroyer of worlds. You stand in your true power.

Sit with me and dip your toe in the still waters, feel your breath rising as you explode into light, feel the love flowing as you expand to encompass the entirety of You. Do you see? You were always here. You only had to open your eyes.

It is now. There is no past, no future. It is only now, and you create and you play, and you draw towards your now whatever you will. It is not that you are dragged through a timeline that is not of your choosing. You always choose. It is now, and you must stand now in deep admiration for yourself as a divine creator, standing with me at the very edge. And in that admiration and that love, and that knowing, there is your power. I am only telling you what you know to be true. I am telling you now, because it is my intention that you rise. It is my intention that you allow that knowing, that love to flow through and around you and fill your whole life with magick. It is my intention that you remember how to spin and weave the golden threads of light into creations of your choosing. It is why you are here. It is why I am here.

So, sit with me and make your choice. There are infinite possibilities, because the source is infinite. There is no loss, no lack but the lack you allow. Your beliefs are holding you back when you are not here, when you are not in this moment- but when you are, you toss them aside like old clothes that no longer fit. They are not relevant, here. They do not serve you. This you know.

Rise, and shine. The choice is always yours, and it is always now.

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