To be of this world, but not in it; that is how you dance with creation.

And to dance with creation is to overcome. It is to become so much more than the sum of your earthly parts. It is to rise into your bliss and taste the sweetness of gratitude. You carry with you all that you need, if you will just allow it into your existence; if you will only move and sway with the rhythm of your Self, rather than be swayed by the whims of the world. You need not concern yourself with such fleeting things. This so-called reality, it is but a hologram, a projection, and once you realise you are the source of that projection: that is when the dance begins.

You came here to dance, beautiful soul. You came to pierce the holographic veil and anoint yourself in awareness of what Is. You came to Be, in gratitude, in joy. You came to unlock the treasure chest inside of you so that you may spill its precious jewels everywhere you travel. You came here to Be, in awe of your own transcendence. You came here to suffer so that you may carve your pathway back to the centre of you, where all treasures are found. When you Are in that place, everything is effortless; all of creation kneels before you because you Are the creator.

Nothing was in vain. Nothing was for nothing. The flowers, they bloom for You. And you- you bloom for them. You came here to bloom, to Be in your knowing of yourself, to Be in that frequency of knowing that allows miracles to happen. You came here, now, so that I could remind you. So that you could remember. In your love, you are of service to All. The way back to that love is through the pain, and So it Is, because joy is found in the contrast. You will only know the true sweetness of gratitude when you have tasted for yourself the bitterness of regret.

You feel the music softly playing inside your soul, and when you are finally moved to dance it will reach its crescendo. Do not doubt yourself even for a second. When you move in your Love you move with pure intent, you move with integrity. Your presence is a gift. You inspire others to join you in the dance. Your words cast spells, you reverberate peace throughout the cosmos and All is Well, because you Are. Everything you need, you already are.

I am here to remind you. I spell out these words in your darkest skies so that you may navigate your way home. I lay them like flower petals at your feet as you walk. As you bloom. I shine like the moon, as I reflect your own light back to you.

I take your hand in mine with a smile soft as sighs, and together we dance with creation.

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