You and I, we’ve lived so many lives together.

We’ve played every role. Friends, brothers, lovers, teachers. Perished by each other’s sword and we’ve loved life into existence. Betrayed one the other, saved one the other. I’ve died in your arms; you’ve given me birth.

It was you who lit the fire when I burned. It was me who made a knight of you. We’ve starved and we’ve feasted. Together we have journeyed a million times around the sun, locked in this dance of eternity. You were a child once, saw the light leave my eyes and it changed you. I watched you that time from the heavens and with you I wept, and with you I laughed, though you could not hear it.

We were forbidden lovers, many journeys ago. We kissed one last time beside our hidden lake. Kissed by the light of the fireflies and the silver moon, and then you were gone. I cursed at the sky and I closed my heart. Couldn’t find my way back to it another twenty lives. Many lives later, you gave me a boy child. So beautiful was he that he brought me back to my heart, and it could burst at the sight of him. He had your eyes and my smile, and I sang to him songs of the Old Ones, and you took him to the forest to teach him your ways. We were so happy those short years, but then came strange men- too many for you. Left you blood-soaked on the floor and they took me broken by boat to some godforsaken land of endless winter. They ripped that baby boy from my arms, and my heart with him. I couldn’t save him, love. I couldn’t save him.

We were once best friends and I kept your dark secret. I keep it still and I’ll keep it until the end of time, until the death of the sun, until there’s no-one left to tell. I have stolen from you, left you in rags- and when you were King, you had me hanged. We have fought together and against each other, won and lost wars. Spent lives far apart as strangers, full of mysterious longing. Time, nor space, nor death can separate us. We are cut from the fabric of the All that Is, woven together as one.

We’ve lived so many lives together, you and I. Still, we Are.

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