Love, you must keep going even when it hurts, and especially when it hurts.

This is your transformation. From the dark womb of the chrysalis you are emerging, and I know you are terrified. It is not easy, being here now. But you are, and you Are, my love.

I see you. I feel all that you feel, the depth and breadth of your suffering and although you do not know me, I love you. I love you with all that I Am, because we are one, and there is no separating us. I came here in this moment to tell you that, and you know it is true: you feel it deep in your Being, just as I know the truth of you and your beauty, just as I feel your grace and your absolute divinity. I know a you that cannot be reduced, that can never be divided by anything. I know the power you wield and it is astonishing, and it is bound only by your imagination.

Your wings, they take shape. You are Becoming. Have faith in the process.

And so you must keep going, especially when it hurts. Like a diamond, your spirit requires immense pressure to express its full potential. This is unavoidable, this is why you came to this place, to feel that intensity so you can express the fullness of you. In that fullness, in your Knowing, you not only walk freely between worlds but you give birth to new worlds. You create your own bliss. You live inside your love, and from that high vantage point, it is possible to see All that Is.

Birth is painful, it is messy. Yours is no different. And I know how it hurts, believe me. I know, or I would not be here now, telling you this. I would not be guiding you towards your own light. I know what it is to curse the day you were born, and I know what it is to feel each breath as a blessing, and all things in between. I have been here many times, and we are the same. You are strong; stronger than you can even fathom especially in your darkest hours. You are wise, you carry the keys already inside. You are a creator and a destroyer of worlds, and you have a choice, always.

So keep going, my love. Soon you will remember, and in that moment you will burst into the light that you Are. Soon you will come to see yourself as I see you, know yourself as I know you, love yourself as I love you- with a love that is infinite. Unconditional. Trust me when I tell you this: there is nothing, nothing, no thing to be afraid of, because you are already everything.

And So it Is.

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