I am fearless only because I have been fearful.

The fear paralysed me. Constricting my breath and muscles, reaching its icy fingers right around my heart. I hid in a corner of myself. Scared to open my eyes.

Scared to look. To think, even. Scared to dream, to remember. Scared to be seen. To be found out. Scared to say it and scared not to.

Have you felt that? Life on the tightrope. Life in the other room.

Paralysed by fear and ashamed of the paralysis, and just wanting so much to disappear. If I close my eyes and wish hard enough maybe, just maybe I can wake up as someone else.

And you know, you probably can, but why would you want to?

You could always just experience life on the other side of that fear. Feel the true joy of the contrast.

The choice is yours, beautiful.

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