To fall in love with yourself, this is the beginning of everything.

To fall in love with yourself is to go within. It is to see and know and accept yourself in your wholeness. To fully understand the entirety and the enormity of you. To stop running and turn to embrace your shadow. To dissolve your defences and stand naked and unafraid in your glory. To realise there is nothing to fear, not in this life or the next.

Others can know you, love you, be there for you- but not like you can. All that you need is within. All that you need, you already are. When you see your own beauty you will see the beauty in all things and all people. When you see your own beauty, that beauty expands. The whole world becomes your lover. When you fall in love with yourself the world falls in love with you, and So it Is. It can be no other way.

And how could you not fall in love with yourself? You are the entire universe, concentrated to a point of light. A fractal. What you are is perfection. All gods, all goddesses, all demons live in you. You are the sunsets that take your breath away, the soft sweetness of a kiss, and the majesty of mountains. And when you remember who you really are you will fall at your own feet in admiration. Thine is the kingdom, the power, the glory, and the moment you accept that is truly the beginning of everything.

I came here now to show you yourself. To show you the absolute wonder of you so that you may rise, so that you may finally step into your own power. I came here to remind you of what you already know. About the treasure you buried deep inside, long ago. I came to show you my scars- all the wounds I’ve healed with my love, so that you may heal your own. So that you can end all your loneliness- because when you are in love with yourself you are never alone. You abandon yourself only when you fail to see the simple truth that you are the one who never will.

You are worthy of your own love above that of anyone else. You cannot truly love another being until you live this truth. You have nothing to give another if you will not first give your all to yourself. This you know. So be gentle with yourself. Treat yourself with full respect. Sit on your own throne, wear your crown with integrity. You deserve nothing less. That crown is yours, the kingdom is yours. Fall into yourself. Do not turn away from yourself a moment longer. Do not cover yourself in shame. Envy no-one. You are the source, both blessed and a blessing. You are the light in which all things are sanctified.

When you fall in love with yourself, everything you touch becomes sacred. Your very presence purifies. You become luminous.

Do you remember? Sit with me awhile- let me show you my scars, my healing, my heart. Let me show you yourself, in all the magnificence that you are. Let me show you all the ways in which you amaze me. Let me help you to see what I see with such clarity. I see all that you Are- because I fell in love with myself, and that was the beginning of everything.

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