I journeyed deep into the forgotten parts. Deep into the nightmare. It felt like choking on memories. It felt like I didn’t know which way was up anymore, so I just let it take me. And it was horrible, and it was so beautiful.

How do you begin to describe something so awful, and so awe full, all at once?

Sometimes it hurts so much more to let go than it ever hurt holding on. But let go is what you must do, my love. You know it, even that part that is holding on tight. You hurt so you won’t have to face the pain of letting go.

I want to break your heart. Want to break it over and over again until you finally understand the strength that lies within. It hurts, I know it hurts. It hurts and it is so very unfair. To lose so much of your precious life to someone else’s bad decision. But love, nothing is lost.

Nothing is lost, I assure you. You feel so lost, and so alone. But you shine like the sun, even when you are blinded to yourself.

Don’t you know how precious you are? Don’t you feel the magick coursing through your Being? Don’t you feel the incomparable purity of who you are at the core- that cool, glad tide, coming to wash away all the shame for good?

I feel it. I know how precious, how powerful, how tremendous you are. I have touched that purity at the core.

The beauty at the heart of the nightmare.


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