When you are tired of fighting and you lay down your armour and collapse into your suffering- that is when miracles happen.

Suffering is not your enemy. Your pain will not be defeated, it will not be outrun or drowned. It is a message from the hurt child in you. The hurt child who wants to be acknowledged, who wants to be validated and loved. That child wants your love more than anything; that child deserves your love above all. You deserve your own love.

That child wants to walk with you through your inner landscape- flying kites in endless skies and telling time with dandelions. That child wants to blow bubbles and jump in every puddle; make sandcastles, hunt for fossils, climb trees, collect sticks. That beautiful child wants to fall exhausted into your arms at the end of the day and feel safe, and feel loved, and feel worthy. That beautiful child, who is you.

You must fall exhausted into your own arms, love. Stop the struggle. You must learn to Be with that child. Find that wonder again. Do you remember when you thought the moon followed you home? When money meant nothing, when toy soldiers marched and the days seemed endless? The child in you wants to show you how to stand in that joy once more- and in that place you will find your power. Together, you are unstoppable.

Your pain is a message to you, from you- if you will only stop fighting and listen.

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