It is enough, that you are here.

It is enough that you found your way to the present. It is enough that you are here, now. Take off your armour. In this moment, there is nothing to fear. Lay down your sword for there is nothing to prove. The past, the future, they have such weight. In this moment, you are weightless. Timeless. Eternal.

In this moment, you Are, and you rise like the lotus out of the mud, and you unfold your way toward the light. In this moment you transcend the world and float toward infinity. It is enough that you breathe. In this moment, in your presence, all worries fade to insignificance in the brilliance of your light and the fullness of your breath. In this moment all gates open up to you; all possibilities remain. In this moment you have a choice, and that choice is always available to you now.

And So it Is enough that you are here.

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