My darling, you are divine.

Never let anyone convince you that you are less. Never let them convince you that you feel too much, for that depth of feeling allows you to bring more light to the world. You bring light in your art, in your words, in your music; in the softness of your touch and the poetry of your smile. How mundane this world would be without that poetry, that softness. That light.

You came to bring that light, and to do so you had to suffer. So it Is. You feel everything with an intensity that is frightening. You see visions in colours other people are blind to. You hear music in the wind and the water and you dance like the fire to the beat of the earth; and the moon sings to you every night, even when she is hiding, even when you are hiding. My darling you are magical. The rain longs to kiss your face.

Never let them confuse your kindness with weakness. They do not have the eyes to see you. There will be many who do not appreciate you my love, and that is why you must appreciate yourself. You suffered so, and yet you did not let this life harden you. Instead, you softened into that suffering, and that takes unimaginable strength. You never closed your heart when it would have been so easy to do so. You took all the blame even when none was yours. I see you, love. I appreciate your kindness, your strength.

I see you in your wholeness. I know the battles you have fought, how much pain you suffered to create space for the light to shine so brightly in you. The heart that is open breaks, and breaks as it expands. I know what you went through to heal your wounds, so that you may show others the way to heal their own. I have cried many nights alongside you, I have wiped a million tears from your cheeks and kissed your scars, and it was my privilege.

Your gift is your presence, your rare frequency. You shine like the sun when you are in your love. You are a soft summer breeze, a delicate wildflower, a lake soaked in moonlight and flickering fireflies.

You are a priestess when you are in your knowing. You hold the keys to a thousand mysteries. Your words are your alchemy. You shed your burdens as tears and you become light, and you bring light, and nothing in this world or any other can stop you.

You are both blessed and a blessing. And So it Is. So shall it Be.

Sculpture: Expansion by Paige Bradley

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