If you could see yourself through my eyes, it would all melt away.

The shame you incubate, circulating in your blood like an infection. The shame that burns not with the white heat that purifies, but rather a dull red ache that sullies every thought, every memory. That seeps from your pores when you cannot lift your eyes from the pavement; sneaks into your every love to sabotage your happiness. Shame whispers lies in your ears like a devil. But you- you are an angel. A masterpiece.

Love is what you Are and you deserve love. Above all, you deserve your own love, but in this moment you have mine. I cannot give you my heart but I can open it wide so that you may curl up and rest awhile. So that you may feel the love that we all Are. Unconditional. Without expectation or limitation. Without separation. In the face of such love, shame cannot exist. So rest, sweet one. Rest awhile in my divinity that you may see your own- for we are One.

We Are.

I see your misery, like a thick grey fog that chokes your dreams and clouds your vision. Like a vast, merciless ocean of unfathomable depth, threatening to drag you under. You are so tired love, from kicking against it. From keeping your head just above its surface. This I know. I see your misery, but it does not define you. It is only your soul calling you inward. So give up the fight. Dive down into yourself. Allow the stillness to wash over you and reach for the light of awareness. When the dawn comes you will realise that you Are the sun. You always were. You must break through your own clouds. You must innerstand.

That is why I lay these words at your feet, because I, too have drowned. I have choked on that fog, been poisoned with shame. Spent many years digging at the roots of my unworthiness. I have hurt the ones I loved in my unknowingness. Peeled back layers of the onion only to expose more rot. But there is a heart, a heart of purity, a spark of light in us all. I found my heart, and it was a shrivelled, a closed and broken thing. I nurtured it with love, I planted seeds and slowly they burst into life, slowly my heart opened, and I stayed there; and I stood as a Queen in that lush garden, in my knowing.

In my knowing I see myself, and I see you for who you Are because we are One. In your darkest hours, in your worst moods you glow for me. I see the beauty in your shadow. I see your soul incandescent, calling you ever inward. I came here, now, to shape that call into words. I came to help you remember the promise you made to yourself.

When you see yourself through my eyes, it will all melt away.

This is my promise to you.


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