You do not know me, but I love you.

I love you as I love myself. Fiercely, unconditionally. Without question. Many years I suffered, many years I was lost to my love. All I have suffered, I would suffer again and gladly, if it would help me better find the words to express to you your own beauty. This is my purpose.

You don’t believe me? Let me count the ways.

I love you in the late afternoon, the way the embers of the dying sun illuminate your face. I love you when the shy moon plants soft kisses on your cheek, steals admiring glances at you every time you’re not looking at her.  I love you when you are lost in childlike wonder at ladybirds and butterflies and puddles to jump in. I love you in the raindrops running down your neck, chilling your bones and washing your soul clean.

I love you in your dreams, when you throw off the shackles of this existence to journey to other dimensions, other lives. When you wake, in that moment before you remember your troubles, when you are in your knowing. I love your inner smile, soft as butter and just as satisfying.

I love you in the warmth of your flushed cheeks, when you stumble over your words. The way your voice falters when you fight back tears that prick the backs of your eyes, the lump that forms in your throat as you struggle to express the inexpressible. I love the music of your laughter, the way your heart flutters sometimes like a tiny, secret bird, the way you stuff secrets deep down in your stomach only to feel them churning, yearning, as you lay in your bed, all curled up in your loneliness.

I love you in your selfishness, in the lies you tell because the truth is far too frightening to contemplate. I love you when you drown in your grief, coming up only to snatch breaths between waves of despair. I love you when you are so red hot with anger you want to explode and take the whole world with you, and when you burn with silent shame, and when you freeze in the cold light of day.

I love you in your numbness, your apathy, when you are so full of nothing you could become everything. When you stand proudly in your power, and when you cower in your unworthiness. I love you in your sweetness, your saltiness, your bitterness. I love you when you run from everything you are because it is just too magnificent to accept. I love you when the veil slips for a moment, and you are awestruck, aware of yourself. I love you in your unwillingness to step beyond that veil. I love you in your nakedness and your vulnerability.

I love you when your jealousy hits you like a lead weight, and when you are overcome with lust, and when fear wraps icy fingers around your heart. I love the way you cannot hide your soul, how it shines out of you for anyone who has the right eyes to see it. I love your strength when you speak your truth, and your weakness when you punish yourself for simply existing. I love the very bones of you and the air that fills your lungs when you remember to breathe deeply. The dull ache of your regret and the joyful lightness of your gratitude. The self you present to the world, and the shadow you scramble to hide.

You do not know me, but I love you. I love you with all that I Am, all that we Are, for there is truly no difference between us. There is nothing you could do to make me love you any less. I love the thoughts you push to the dark recesses of your mind, the feelings you run and hide from so effortlessly, the wholeness that you are, that you deny. I see you in all your glory. I see your perfection, your worth, your power. I see you in my knowing. You do not know me, but I know you, because I know myself. In my knowing, I am love. In my loving, I love you as myself. It cannot be otherwise.

And So it Is. <3


  • Miriam

    Respekt! Welch große Kraft in dieser Liebe steckt, welch Weisheit über das sich in ALLEM befinden und das ALLES sich in uns befindet. DANKE für diese große Kunst von Liebe!

    Alles Gute von


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