You rise by releasing that which is heavy.

Go deeper within, where the brambles tear at your skin and the sun is lost to the night. Go deeper, with only your breath and the sharp sword of your consciousness, and find the dark parts, the ugliness, the forgotten denizens that made a home of you. Find them and bring them back to the light. Bring them back, so you may look upon their true beauty and their purpose, and love them as yourself. Bring them back so you may integrate them into your fullness, and in the integration they too will become light, and you will rise.
There is no end to your rising. You are always becoming.
Go to the forests of your shame, your unholiness, and bloody your hands with the sacrifice of that which is not You and not yours to carry. Release, and release. Rise up to meet yourself in all your divinity as those ancient forests burn far beneath you. Rise, and become sanctified. Rise and be holy, for that is what you Are. Untangle the chains of your unworthiness, let them go and become light.
Drink deep from the waters of your own love, for you are the Source and your well never dries. Like hope, love springs eternal. And how else could it be, when love is what you Are? Nothing can live in your subconscious without your permission. Nothing can resist you when you live in your wholeness, when you are unafraid.

It Is as you wish. It Is as you Will, and so shall it Be.

There is no ending to your rising.

You Are, always becoming.

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