You stand on the edge of creation.

It is now, it is always now and you stand on the edge, at the centre. You are the Source and you sing out your prayer as you unfold into the mystery. As you step off the cliff into the rising sun. 

Ateh, Malkuth, Ve Geburah, Ve Gedurah, Le Olam, Amen. 

You are the centre point of the cross. The still point.

A pentagram of invoking earth for each quarter drawn in the air with your right hand and suffused with the mighty power of the One.


The circle is complete, the four pentagrams blaze blue fire about you and you stand in your centre in your power, in your glory, and you call upon the angels to watch over your workings.

Before you, Raphael who guards the east. Silver sword, sharp mind, cool breeze of Air. Your Will, a bow that shoots arrows of thought straight to the heart of the matter. The boundless freedom of unending skies, the miracle of internal flight, the veil pierced and shredded by your sorrows.

Behind you, Gabriel who guards the west. Mother chalice, open heart, weightlessness of Water. A vessel with which you may both contain and traverse the great mystery of the ocean. Your emotions, your love overflowing forever. Floating in impenetrable darkness like the vastness of space. 

At your right hand, Michael who guards the south. Flaming wand, boundless energy, merciless Fire. The flame in your belly, spark of genius, white heat of desire. The sacrificial pyre on which we burn ourselves until nothing remains but the truth.

At your left hand, Uriel who guards the north. Wooden pentacle, might of mountains, granite strength of Earth. Ancient wisdom of the oak. The stability of a being, rooted deeply and unshakably in the ground. The musk of the forest. The alchemy of plants, breathing life into our atmosphere, offering themselves to us as food and medicine.

For I am the flaming pentagram in the column of the six-rayed star.

The circle complete, the angels invoked, you stand in the circle at the centre of the cross, at the point where worlds meet and possibilities are endless. As above, so below. As within, so without. About you shine the four pentagrams, above you the six rayed star and you feel the power of Source like a thousand suns, and you sing out those holy words once more from the bottom of your heart and from the very edge of creation:

Ateh, Malkuth, Ve Geburah, Ve Gedurah, Le Olam, Amen.

So it Is.

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