The bravest thing you can do is to sit with your own unworthiness.

Don’t fight it- you’ll only make it stronger. Don’t reject it, don’t try to cover it with false pride. Don’t project it onto others. Don’t proclaim it as who you are. It is not. Just be with it. Acknowledge its existence, ask questions of it. Be full with it and do not turn away, even when it hurts- especially when it hurts. Look it square in the face even when it’s killing you to do so. This is the story you created about yourself; it is not who you are.

Only by sitting with your unworthiness will you Know it is separate from you. You are the watcher. Your unworthiness is merely a creation borne of your suffering, and you carry it with you always in your shadow. It is so heavy, love, and you are light. You allow it to define you but in reality, who you are can never be unworthy. That is impossible. You are an eternal Being of immense power. You are incredible. You are brave. You deserve love, you Are love, you are worthy- and I will keep reminding you of this until you can accept it. It will be my honour to help you remember, no matter how many lifetimes it takes.

I will remind you with my words, with my gaze and my unflinching love. You are worthy. You are Word in your worthiness, and you shine, and my soul smiles at the sight. You have always been waiting for yourself, and you will wait until you are ready to remember. It is my honour to give these words to you so that you may come fully into that remembrance. It is my intention that you shed your unworthiness, your shame, your guilt and your fear. You do not need to carry them forth. Just meet with them, sit with them. Feel them to the depth of your Being. Though it will hurt, in your presence they will become light. Everything you give your presence to becomes sacred, when you are in your knowing.

Give your love to these feelings, to this story you created. You created it out of suffering. You built these walls to protect your heart but when you stand in your power, your heart needs no protection. It is now, and you Are, love. There is nothing to fear.  You are never alone when you have met yourself. When you have loved yourself and all of your shadow. I will plant these flowers in your heart until you remember. I will love you until you remember and for the rest of time, because we are One and there is no difference between us.

Know that you are magnificent. Know that you are not just a part of the whole, but that you Are the whole, the entirety of All that Is. You are the raindrops that kiss your face, and the fragility of autumn leaves. You are the warm glow of a bellyful of wine, the crunch of snow underfoot, the hunger in the touch of your Beloved. You Are; the music, the conductor, the instruments and the dance. The observer and the Source. You are everything you have ever loved. You behold your own creation when you stand in admiration. So it Is, love. It cannot be otherwise. Tell me, how can you not then stand in admiration of the creator?

Be brave and sit with your unworthiness. Read that old story once more. Give your love to it, give your gratitude, for it has brought you to this moment, now. It has brought you to these words of simple truth I lay before you. Sanctify your story with your presence and then close the book, because that story is not you and it was never you. It is time, love, to write a new book.

I will plant these flowers in your heart until you remember. I will plant them in this life and the next, and the next. I will plant these flowers until you come to meet yourself, and it will be my honour, and it will be my privilege to help you come into your Knowing.


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