Sit with yourself in silence.

There is nothing to fear. All that you need, you already are. Sit in silence, and reflect. Sit beneath the trees, open your heart and breathe in the silence. Let it fill you, let it become you. Allow yourself to listen to that gentle inner voice- that voice which can’t be heard above the din of this life. Listen to the voice that stirs in your silence, for that voice will lead you home to yourself.

Lay down in the grass and rest awhile. Like the trees, stretch your limbs far and wide. Like the trees, bend with the winds of the world, allowing them to strengthen you. Like the trees, reach for the light; welcome both the sunshine and the rain, stand strong and tall and wise.

All that you need you already Are, sweet one. And So it Is.

Focus your attention to a fine point, a single blade of grass beneath your bare feet, then expand it to the size of the Universe. You contain all things. Like the trees, you are here now, and that is enough. Your Presence is enough.

Sit with yourself in silence, sit with your feelings. Allow them to rise and fall and flutter away like autumn leaves. Don’t try to catch them. Don’t try to control them. Don’t try to change them. Simply do nothing, and be everything- be with your feelings, be with yourself under the trees, sinking into the cool grass, needing absolutely nothing. You are everything already.

Sit in silence with your thoughts, in your knowing that what you are is the observer of those thoughts. And So it Is that you are something far more than your mind would have you believe. What you Are is ancient. What you Are is eternal, is blissful, silent knowing. What you Are can never be reduced, or divided, or separated from anything, because what you Are is everything in itself. When you own this truth, you own your true power. When you stand in your knowing, nothing can stand in your way. Nothing can stop you from becoming.

Sit in silence, allow yourself to remember. There is much more than this. You are so much more than the accumulation of sad stories you repeat to yourself. You are more even than the highest heights you have ever known. You are wider and deeper and stronger than all the oceans combined. You are holy. You are sacred. You exist always in your divinity; in your perfection. You are always who you Are, whether you choose to allow it into this reality or not. There is so much beauty in you if you will allow it. You are Love, and you are so, so loved. There is nothing to fear, nothing to hold on to, and nothing to lose.

Everything you need, you already are.

So sit with yourself, beneath the trees in the sanctity of silence, and let that soft voice begin guiding you home.

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