You are made of those stars you crave.

And it’s so hard sometimes, and you can’t sleep for crying and the room closes in. You feel you have no control, but that’s the illusion. If only you’d remember, the whole world is yours. You create all that you see.

Those stars are you- whole galaxies are in you. You come from a place far removed from this, and to that place you will return. And in that place, all possibilities are known. You came here to experience the joy of remembering. The joy of becoming. And that joy is found in suffering; in lack, in despair. In the contrast.

You came here to claw your way back to reality. To understand the sweetness of tragedy, to feel your heart break open. You came to know pain. To know what it is to tend to the dying embers of your last shred of hope. You came to bleed on the sharp edge of that contrast. And So it Is.

You Are Love and you are loved, far beyond the scope of your understanding. Your task is not an easy one. You are the bravest and the most beautiful of all, for you chose this when there were far easier assignments. You chose to bring light to the darkest of places, you chose to break your own hearts, open them wider and wider so that you could allow more light to flood through you. Don’t let that fire in you go out.

You will know bliss again- in this life and the next. You will know bliss when you come to the centre of yourself, for bliss is what you Are. Nothing matters, because nothing is matter- all is energy responding to your vibration. All is energy.

The journey has been long, and you are tired. So much darkness all around. But you are a point of light, and it is time, now. It is time to find your centre. It is time to live in that light, because in that light, at the centre, in your Love- there is nothing to fear. There is your power. There you are limitless, boundless.

It is time- it is Now. It is always Now. Stop living in the past, stop projecting into the future. They simply do not exist. You do not exist in them. Find your way back to this moment and remember who you Are, now. Experience the perfection of the moment and you will experience your own divinity, and you will remember your true purpose.

All is Well, beautiful soul. All is Well, in this moment.

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