• poetry

    Breathing Water

    Still, skipping through the watersof my subconsciouslike a stone.The pain intensifiesas does the ecstasy,and I am drowning-and I am breathingfor the first time.Pray, wake me from thisbeautiful nightmare.Please, leave me to dream.

  • light/creation


    In this moment, you Are, and you rise like the lotus out of the mud, and you unfold your way toward the light. In this moment you transcend the world and float toward infinity. It is enough that you breathe.…

  • light/creation


    The dawn breaks slowly after the soul's dark night. I know it feels like you will never see the sun. I know what it is to be stranded in your own shadow, bones shaking, face slick with tears, struggling to…

  • light/creation


    Sit with yourself in silence. There is nothing to fear. All that you need, you already are. Sit in silence, and reflect. Sit beneath the trees, open your heart and breathe in the silence. Let it fill you, let it…

  • trauma


    I promise you that learning to let go is the most precious gift you can give to yourself. You deserve that gift. You did not come here to be unhappy, to be full of pain. As you release, you make…

art of trauma