• light/creation


    You are made of those stars you crave. And it's so hard sometimes, and you can't sleep for crying and the room closes in. You feel you have no control, but that's the illusion. If only you'd remember, the whole…

  • light/creation,  shadow/destruction


    I am empty. The purity of potential, the zero at the beginning. I sit and feel, the rain beats my heart into sweet submission and I am nothingness, I am a vessel. A void. The tears come, punctuating my apathy…

  • shadow/destruction,  trauma


    And I stayed, and I stayed in my body. I felt it all. I stayed and I breathed and I hurt, I cried, I remembered. This is what it is to release trauma from your body. I hurt and I…

  • light/creation,  shadow/destruction


    In hell your tears do not cleanse you but burn your face like acid, and your anger is a futile, impotent shadow of itself, and you are reminded with every step of your insignificance. You shrink, you shrivel, you watch…

  • light/creation,  shadow/destruction,  trauma


    Some days I forget myself, and I stumble. I wake from nightmares sweat-soaked, shaking, crying. Some days I am blind with melancholy. I see only in murky visions of memories I cannot bleach from my mind.

art of trauma