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    Understanding the Fawn Response

    “Fawn types seek safety by merging with the wishes, needs and demands of others. They act as if they unconsciously believe that the price of admission to any relationship is the forfeiture of all their needs, rights, preferences and boundaries.”…

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    5 Symptoms of Childhood Trauma in Adults

    Childhood trauma has many physical, emotional and social consequences that can follow us into adulthood. In this article I will talk about 5 of those consequences, and some ways we can heal ourselves and move on with our lives in…

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    anticipating the ocean

    You heal in waves. It comes over you, takes you. Washes you clean in ecstasy and pain, makes you new. The chains around you loosen. You fall back, you stretch out and you're a swan, and you are a river…

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    There are beliefs so wrapped around us, so entangled within us that it will take a long time to cleanse enough of them from our psyche to feel even somewhat relieved. And that is okay. It all is. It is…

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    That spark is you, that warmth is you- so it always was. You Are the explosion. Don't you see? You cannot lose what you already Are.

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