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    5 Journal Prompts for Trauma Healing

    5 Journal Prompts for Trauma Healing  Journaling is really helpful for healing because it is a way to explore your thoughts and feelings. It can feel like a huge release to get them out onto paper- by writing them down we…

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    Shadow Work- A Survivor’s Guide

    What is shadow work? Carl Jung was the first psychologist to propose the idea of a “shadow self”- those parts of us such as personality traits and core wounds that we deny and hide from. Everyone has a shadow self,…

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    Sometimes we get so fixated on picking up broken pieces, we forget we can make new ones.

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    Breathing Water

    Still, skipping through the watersof my subconsciouslike a stone.The pain intensifiesas does the ecstasy,and I am drowning-and I am breathingfor the first time.Pray, wake me from thisbeautiful nightmare.Please, leave me to dream.

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