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    Sit with yourself in silence. There is nothing to fear. All that you need, you already are. Sit in silence, and reflect. Sit beneath the trees, open your heart and breathe in the silence. Let it fill you, let it…

  • trauma


    I promise you that learning to let go is the most precious gift you can give to yourself. You deserve that gift. You did not come here to be unhappy, to be full of pain. As you release, you make…

  • light/creation,  trauma

    On Alchemy

    I am becoming. I shed layer upon layer of trauma, becoming light in the process. Drawing ever closer to who I always was. Who I will always be. That soft voice inside grows louder, more insistent. I remember- first in…

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    You do not know me, but I love you. I love you as I love myself. Fiercely, unconditionally. Without question. Many years I suffered, many years I was lost to my love. All I have suffered, I would suffer again…

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