• poetry


    Grass between my toes, the sound of sitars. I sway with the breeze. I melt with the moment becoming, becoming.

  • light/creation

    Your Majesty

    Having walked through the darkness I found myself, unable to contain the light. It softens all my edges and calms my storms. I found myself in the eye of them all. In the stillness at the centre. I found myself,…

  • light/creation


    In this moment, you Are, and you rise like the lotus out of the mud, and you unfold your way toward the light. In this moment you transcend the world and float toward infinity. It is enough that you breathe.…

  • light/creation


    Tell me, where do you run to when you run from yourself? Perhaps you lay down with the earth and the wild flowers in a faraway field, make a cocoon amongst the soft grass and your memories of lives long…

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