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    Shadow Work- A Survivor’s Guide

    What is shadow work? Carl Jung was the first psychologist to propose the idea of a “shadow self”- those parts of us such as personality traits and core wounds that we deny and hide from. Everyone has a shadow self,…

  • light/creation,  shadow/destruction


    And you know, you just know that next time you go under you will neither fight nor panic, nor will you be broken. You will be still, as still as the earth herself. You will be strong. You will look…

  • light/creation


    And every so often, you’ll have these moments. These moments where you crawl right out of yourself and emerge, blinking in the fierce light of a new consciousness. And the old pain is still there but it changed, somehow. And…

  • light/creation


    That spark is you, that warmth is you- so it always was. You Are the explosion. Don't you see? You cannot lose what you already Are.

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