How to Love Yourself – 5 Simple Ways to Be the Love You Need

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Everyone preaches self-love, but no-one seems to tell us how to practise it. In this article I want to talk about 5 simple, practical ways to do just that.

What Are Trauma Bonds? (& how to break them)

What Are Trauma Bonds? (& how to break them)

Those of us who had a traumatic childhood or who have been in abusive relationships in adulthood often experience trauma bonding- forming strong emotional attachments to abusive partners. These trauma bonds can be extraordinarily strong and pervasive, and hard for the neurotypical person to understand. “Why does she keep going back to him if he beats her?” they wonder. “Why does he take her back every time she cheats on him?”. Or “why are those two even together when they clearly hate each other?”.



To fall in love with yourself, this is the beginning of everything.

To fall in love with yourself is to go within. It is to see and know and accept yourself in your wholeness. To fully understand the entirety and the enormity of you. To stop running and turn to embrace your shadow. To dissolve your defences and stand naked and unafraid in your glory. To realise there is nothing to fear, not in this life or the next.


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You do not know me, but I love you.

I love you as I love myself. Fiercely, unconditionally. Without question. Many years I suffered, many years I was lost to my love. All I have suffered, I would suffer again and gladly, if it would help me better find the words to express to you your own beauty. This is my purpose.

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