• light/creation,  shadow/destruction


    Dark sister I Am. Weird sister. Ancient sister, Holy One. I make art of spells, weave dreams into words and I live between worlds where the silence is found in the stillness, where light seeps through cracks in reality.

  • light/creation,  shadow/destruction


    Midsummer I walked with myself to the lake, in the dark of the black moon rising. Black silk I wore, down to the ground and a crown of red roses and amethyst. Naked was she as the morning she came…

  • art,  light/creation,  shadow/destruction

    Blood and Songs

    Sister, draw you down the Moon. Stand naked before her. Be not afraid, but stand fierce in your glory. Let her fill your veins, bless you with grace and bathe you in mysteries. Let her rule your tides and drink…

  • light/creation


    Tell me, where do you run to when you run from yourself? Perhaps you lay down with the earth and the wild flowers in a faraway field, make a cocoon amongst the soft grass and your memories of lives long…

art of trauma