Shameless is when you realise it doesn’t matter. You can just be, and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or doesn’t think about it.

It doesn’t matter what their opinion is. What is yours?

Are you going after your dreams, or watching them slip away like thieves into the night as you battle desperately to maintain the status quo?

Are you diving into your gratitude, your joy? And do you float or sink in it?

You can stay there, for a bit. I promise. You can find the place that feels peaceful- that feels joyful, and you can stay there. Just, stay there. Nothing bad will happen.

Take off that shame just for a second and taste that kind of freedom. You can put it back on again, it is still there. Take it off now, and feel what it is to live without it, for one second.

And you’ll put it back on and you will run back inside yourself to your safe place but something will never be the same, because you have felt that.

And the next time you might stay in that glorious place for a minute. Or two seconds, or a year. It doesn’t matter. You can stay there as long as you want, but it will take you some time to really know that.

Keep stretching your body. Stretch right up to the heavens, give your trauma to them. Give it as a gift and let it purify you. You stretch in any direction you want. In any way that feels good to you. When you stretch you lay down burdens. When you stretch, you give full attention to the inner world. You inhabit yourself fully.

Your body is beautiful and it deserves to be inhabited by you to the fullest. It deserves to be loved and honoured by you. It should be cherished. Should be treasured, because you are treasure.

Let that sink in.

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