unknown gods

I cried for her.

For all those years she hid herself
amongst the whispers
and the cobwebs
in the dark attic
of my

For all those times
she tried so hard to shine her light
in every place
it was sure to remain

For all those ways
she jumped ship
when the storm
got too much.

Abandoned herself
to the whims
of unknown gods.

For all those fears
like black little seeds,
that get
stuck in her throat
between her fingers
beneath her eyelids.
Prickling her, like violins.

unknown gods
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3 thoughts on “unknown gods

    • January 13, 2021 at 23:50

      “The sun is dying
      It comes again
      the woman’s cry,
      when devil lurks upon her head
      She spills
      another dog between her thighs..”

      ugh. So beautiful and so painful, all at once.. I love it. 💓


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