Women we are, but no mere mortals.

We are the Goddess incarnate. We are the chalice, the portal for life itself, and we bear fruit like the trees, and we flow with the moon like the tides. We move with extraordinary grace, dancing between dimensions, always stopping to admire the beauty around and smell the flowers. Such intricate tapestries we weave from threads of golden light, and we leave them as offerings for those able to find them. We women are endless oceans, and those brave enough to dive deep will find treasure beyond their wildest imaginings, if they are not destroyed in the attempt. Like the oceans we are wild, unpredictable, and we could destroy the world with a wave of a hand, and this is why they burned us. They burned us because they could not bear to witness our power.

Fire may be deadly, but it is no match for water.

Women we are, but no mere mortals. We speak the ancient language of the trees and the plants which are our medicine. We are a salve that heals the heaviest of hearts, we are the ones who love bravely, and fully and endlessly. We feel, right to the very depths of our souls, and the currents of our emotions carry us far into uncharted lands, and we conquer them fearlessly. We rise, again and again. We know. Our intuition is a constant ally, a compass that leads us through many nights when the moon is new and there are no stars to guide us.

Women we are and Goddesses all. Fierce and magnificent- we bend the world to our will, and we ride endless waves of pleasure in the night; writhing, sweating, each climax more earth shattering than the last, and we are never truly satiated. Our cup fills again and again that it might overflow with joy. We are both blessed and a blessing; we live inside the heart of the Great Mystery. Through our sacrifices, through our pain, we bless this Earth with offerings of new life. We are warriors, poets, mystics, Queens- we are women, and we rise, and we rise.

Artwork: “Boudicca” by Emily Hare

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