Your Majesty

Having walked through the darkness I found myself, unable to contain the light.

It softens all my edges and calms my storms. I found myself in the eye of them all. In the stillness at the centre. I found myself, in boundless contemplation between worlds. I found myself formless. Timeless. Nameless. No thing- yet, all things.

I found myself, in nothing and in everything. Caught in a beautiful paradox.

I contract with my breath to the size of an atom, then expand: the birth of the universe. In a heartbeat whole galaxies form in my chest. Worlds collide in showers of sparks, and I am become light. I am in the centre in my stillness, and I could not Be any more.

It is there in the centre I found my knowing. In my knowing I found truth, and in truth the bliss that salves all wounds and heals the heart like a lover’s caress. In my bliss I am become pure light, a force of electricity that will not be contained. It wills itself upon the world through my eyes, my touch and my kiss, through the words swirling endlessly around in my mind and the colours of my dreams. It shines in my tears as they fall in silent gratitude for a beautiful piece of music, the majesty of an ancient oak, the grace of a dancer. It is the appreciation of this moment and this life; not in spite of the suffering, but rather because of it.

That light is the spark of the divine. It moves mountains and parts oceans. It is pure potential, it contains all possibilities. It is the power that lives inside us all, the true kingdom of heaven that is found within, and it waits so patiently for you. It waits to be unleashed in all its creative force. It dawns at the end of the darkest night, and you must hold on with all that you Are and all of your strength until you catch your first glimpse of it. 

You must follow your breath through the darkness towards that still point and you will find yourself, between worlds, unable to contain the light.


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